Stop the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010
Join us to the DEMONSTRATION to be held on THURSDAY the 11th of NOVEMBER at 5.30pm at the Dail in Kildare Street Dublin 2

In a socio-economic situation that is becoming increasingly hostile to ordinary people, the government is about to implement a new piece of legislation to further destabilise the lives of migrants and their families in Ireland. This bill is just proceeding through committee stage.

We believe that the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010 is highly unjust. It creates a culture of fear and it maintains and increases state’s racism. For example, as it stands the Bill authorizes the Gardai to pull over and question any person they believe doesn’t have legal residence in the country. This will most likely lead to a process of screening according to skin colour. Moreover, Irish citizens will not have a statutory right to be joined by non Irish family members in Ireland, which constitutes a “reverse discrimination” in comparison to the rights that apply to other EU citizens under the EU Free Movement Directive (2004/38EC). In addition, the IRP Bill will further undermine the rights of migrants who

and work at the university, by maintaining the exclusion of asylum seekers from 3rd level education and by prohibiting students from applying for long term residency in Ireland.
We are calling for your support in order to stop this shameful piece of legislation to be applied.

The Gardai should not be enabled to harass people on the base of  their ‘racial profile’
Irish citizens should benefit from the EU Free Movement Directive (2004/38EC) and have the right to be joined by non-Irish family members in Ireland
Long term residency in Ireland should be guaranteed to every student.


Anti Racist Network (ARN)