Halloween Extravaganza

Youth Event’ our Youth Consultation Group hope to organise here in Cavan on the 31st of October.


We would really appreciate your feedback re: same!


Our hope is to hold a Thematic Halloween Extravaganza on the Cavan by-pass, where we could set up Marquee (for Disco), Provide Food, Fire-works and Bon-Fire for all young people (12 year olds – 18 year olds).  The event would be for all ‘Youth Groups’ in the Cavan area and be supervised by the leaders of all participating youth groups.


We have communicated with the Army, Fire- Authorities & Civil Defence to give extra support and care on the night.


This project is funded by SEUPB and NERDTF and as such all costs including transport will be free.


As the Poster suggests the theme of the night is ‘Banish your Deamons’, so as such we will be making an artist available to come and work with participating youth groups for them to design a ‘Guy Fawkes’ or equivalent which will be covered in young people’s fears, anxieties and prejudices…. These guys will then be thrown on the Bon Fire on Halloween Night (By Professional Bon Fire Person!!!) so as to rid our young people of all negativity and promote a more positive attitude and mind.


This event is open to all registered youth groups and we really hope that all organisations…. PTAA, Foroige, Macra, Uniform, Music, Voluntary, Religious etc.  take part!!!