Afro in Diaspora Center Invites 
To A Fund Raising Event

To support the group in sending collected Items to Nigeria to support their work in setting up a charity shop for the Afro in Diaspora Center in Nigeria.

Saturday 25th September, 2010

At 4pm prompt

Afro in Diaspora is a new group committed to supporting Women and Men in OUR HOMELAND Nigeria who live in poverty, need someone to support their dreams and experience a difference the best way they can.

Please we want to make a difference and can you help us provide clothing, unneeded Items, computers, sewing machines for people overseas that are less fortunate than ourselves. Your donation of Items will be shipped to Nigeria and sold in our charity shop to support our work and peoples dream. 

Guest Speaker

Ambassador of Nigeria 

Ticket €20.00

Contact: 0863969526/0879257654