We need 15 Volunteer Model for 6th March 2015, kindly send names and contact pleases male and female if interested ASAP. Ireland base models, Remember d best model, will be d 'Face Afro Fashion 2015' and will work with us for a year and promoted.
 AFRO FASHION SHOW IRELAND *** AFRICA FABRIC is becoming a leading brand in the world and using it to bring the best creativity of our culture and style
I'm looking for volunteers who would like to help me with the Fashion Show which would raise money for the organisation ADCENTER to support our work and our new project “PROJECT STOP EBOLA”. I'm looking for passionate people who would like to dedicate their time and efforts, in order to help with the organisation and running of this special event. Sponsors, Make-Up Artists, Hairdressers, Designers, Photographers, Models, Backstage Crew, Music, Artists etc, anyone who would help out in making this event successful ! Please pm me if interested and I’ll send you more information, thanks a mill!