I was @ "The Pre Launch of "Trapped; Prison Without Wall" By Ebun Akpoveta as one of the speakers on the panel, talking on "Women Bodies, Sex within Marriage & Relationship and Our Mental Health. The day went well, lovely to share with great audience and fabulous speakers.
My Definition of "Love" Love is an expression of your feelings to someone and this can be express through sharing, giving, supportive, empowering, understanding, accepting,sex, beautifying self, endurance, communication and most of all forgiving one another.
Others at the Pre-Launch said Love is equal, it empower you, unconditional and given all.
One of our men said "love is not blind, it has four eyes, night vision and can see in various color" for me I believe that this is how men are when it comes to loving a women, their eyes are wildly open to choose what they want and need.