There is a significant global health burden, International burden, and local burden among Africans, Migrants, and the Irish community living here in Ireland. The Afro in Diaspora Center with the support of Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) as receive funding to deliver an educational Health Promotional Awareness Training for our members, the African Community, Migrant and the Host Community living in Meath County.

Health education aims to empower people to take responsibility for their own well-being by gaining control over the underlying factors that influence health. We therefore conducted a review of the current best evidence for the use of health education interventions to increase awareness and knowledge of our people.

The Training is starting on the 28th Friday of March, 2014 @ the Navan Library meeting room from 10:00am to 1:00pm for the next four{4} weeks. Everyone is welcome to register for participation on the training.

The Training will be delivered by Susuana Entertainer & Training Consultant and Victor Oduko and also we will be having visiting guest from the Health Board, Health Professionals and Community Leaders in the area of Health Educational Awareness.

To Register for participation kindly contact or call the Training Coordinators
Susuana Olatunji-Komolafe : 0894776061 Victor Oduko: 0864065744 or Email details to

We are going to address the area of Mental Health among "Africans in Particular" and Teenagers Mental Health the contributions of racial and ethnic minorities have suffered all areas of contemporary life. Diversity has made our Nation, Ireland a more vibrant band open society, ablaze in ideas, perspectives, and innovations But the full potential of our diverse, multicultural society cannot be realized until all Africans, migrant, Including racial and ethnic minorities {Travelers}, gain access to quality healthcare that meets their needs and we face up to the realities of what is happen around us today.