Stop the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010
,Join us to the DEMONSTRATION to be held on THURSDAY the 11th of NOVEMBER at 5.30pm at the Dail in Kildare Street Dublin 2

Our Believe;

MOTTO: Our motto is that DEVELOPING BEGINS AT HOME. We support ourselves by educating, informing, counselling, socializing and promoting each other as a group, while we hope and believe that the knowledge acquired will be passed down to support others.

we are also supporting families back in OUR HOMELAND Nigeria who live in poverty, need someone to support their dreams and experience a difference the best way they can.

We required you to support the group in sending collected Items to Nigeria to support our work in setting up a charity shop for the "Afro in Diaspora Center" in different Africa Country. Also to support families, mums that their children is affected with HIV and Aids in Africa, disability, mental illness or any form of health issues that mothers faces with their young ones and as mums we, empathise.

Please we want to make a difference and you can help us by provide clothing, unneeded Items, computers, sewing machines for people overseas that are less fortunate than ourselves. Your donation of Items will be shipped to Nigeria and sold in our charity shop to support our work and peoples dream.

Call us today or email us.