• Afro in Diaspora is a new group committed to supporting Women, Men and Children in OUR HOMELAND Nigeria who live in poverty,Africa as a whole, who need someone to support their dreams and experience a difference the best way they can. 
  • To keep supporting Women, Men and Children in (AFRICA) and also to support ourselves by educating, informing, counseling, socializing and promoting each other as a group, while we hope and believe that the knowledge acquired will be passed down to support others


  • To Network between Afro women living in Ireland
  • To give skills to Afro women that will empower and enable them to be self sufficient
  • To be the liaison group between the Afro women group and all women’s group regionally & nationally

Mission Statement
We want to surround ourselves with women who respect other’s view and treat  other’s  with respect and having value for women, also to invest into peoples life positively and promote positive image of Afro women. We love to come together and share and we believe our lives are greatly enhanced by the women we surround ourselves with through giving, investing, impacting, networking and integrating.

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